About the company


Main directions of activity of Beltsvetmet OJSC are:

1) Procurement (purchase), organization of contractual delivery of scrap and waste of non-ferrous metals and alloys from all enterprises and organizations of the Republic of Belarus;

2) Primary processing, i.e. a set of technological processes for sorting, handling, cutting, separation, packaging, pyrotechnic and radiation control of scrap and non-ferrous metal waste, and bringing them to the appropriate mass and dimensions;

3) Processing of certain types of scrap and waste of non-ferrous metals and alloys (preparation of charge) for casting at the enterprises of the republic;

4) Production of foundry aluminium alloys and aluminium and lead casting products in our own foundries;

5) Shipment of scrap and non-ferrous metal waste to metallurgical and other enterprises;

6) Provision of enterprises and organizations of the republic with alloys and rolled non-ferrous metals.

Beltsvetmet OJSC has six production and procurement shops (one in each regional centre).

Production departments of the enterprise do acceptance, primary processing and shipment of scrap and non-ferrous metal waste. The main suppliers of scrap and waste are enterprises and organizations of all industrial fields of the republic. The total number of scrap submitters reaches 5,000.

Among the largest suppliers of scrap and non-ferrous metals waste products are: BATE OJSC, Borisov; Minsk Mechanical Works named after S. I. Vavilov UE; Minsk Bearing Plant OJSC; Borisov Plant of Aggregates RUE; Belaruskabel OJSC, Mozyr; Shchuchin plant ‘Avtoprovod’ OJSC; Grodno Azot OJSC; Gomelkabel SJSC and others.

Planning of the main line of activity of Beltsvetmet JSC for provision of procurement and processing of all scrap and non-ferrous metals waste in the republic is carried out according to the volumes of supplies for the state needs in scrap and non-ferrous metals waste, communicated to the economic entities.

In order to maximize the volume of processing scrap and waste at its own facilities, in 2006, Beltsvetmet OJSC has created a subsidiary, Tsvetmet UE, specialized on processing of copper group scrap and waste into brass, bronze alloys (bars) and rolling (bars, lumps, bushings and other products), as well as manufacturing of round and prismatic inserts of 5HNM steel for die production.